The Code Is The Key

Advancing life-changing therapies through precision medicine

Who We Are

Encoded is a biotechnology company on a mission to change the paradigm of genetic disease by realizing the potential of genomics-driven precision medicine. Current treatment paradigms for individuals with severe genetic disorders are focused on managing symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause. For many, this means frequent treatment and lifelong management, and for some, the benefit of treatment is minimal. With recent technological advancements, progress in this paradigm is possible.

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Our Science

Encoded harnesses nature as a source of medical discovery. With our platform, we can identify sequences within the human genome that control gene expression, and, through screening and computational approaches, design viral vectors with unprecedented functionality.

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ETX101 For Dravet Syndrome

ETX101 is a potential one-time, disease-modifying gene therapy for SCN1A+ Dravet syndrome that aims to eliminate or decrease seizure frequency, prevent onset and progression of neurodevelopmental symptoms, and enhance the quality of life of patients and the families caring for them.

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