The Code Is The Key

Advancing life-changing therapies through precision medicine

A New Paradigm

Current treatment paradigms often address the symptoms of disease, not the cause, thus requiring chronic management. At Encoded, we leverage the power of the human genome to deliver highly effective precision therapies, leading to life-changing and lasting benefit for individuals with genetic disorders. We are advancing our lead asset, ETX101, to treat individuals suffering from SCN1A+ Dravet syndrome.

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Sourcing From Nature

Encoded harnesses nature as a source of medical discovery. With our platform, we can identify sequences within the human genome that control gene expression, and, through screening and computational approaches, design viral vectors with unprecedented functionality.

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Viral Gene Therapy

By advancing genomics-driven discovery, the Encoded platform unlocks new opportunities for viral gene therapy, including the potential to treat severe genetic disorders not addressable with current approaches.

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