Who We Are

Encoded is a biotechnology company with a mission to realize the potential of genomics-driven precision medicine by overcoming key limitations of gene therapy.


Current treatment paradigms for individuals with severe genetic disorders are focused on managing symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause. For many, this means frequent treatment and lifelong management, and for some, the benefit of treatment is minimal. With recent technological advancements, progress in this paradigm is possible.

For patients living with genetic disorders who have limited treatment options, gene therapy offers the potential of lasting benefit to positively impact their lives, moving away from disease management towards lasting disease modification. Gene therapy has made significant progress, but the limitations of existing technology have prevented it from reaching its full potential.

Encoded harnesses natural gene regulation to design precision therapies

Nature as a Source of Medical Discovery

The human genome is a masterful regulator of gene expression, providing a rich resource for medical discovery. Gene regulation is achieved through several mechanisms, including chromatin structure, transcriptional regulation, and RNA processing.

At Encoded, we have characterized millions of human DNA sequences, known as regulatory elements, that control gene expression through these pathways.

A Genomics-Powered Product Engine

The Encoded platform identifies and optimizes regulatory elements within the human genome to develop gene therapies with unprecedented selectivity and potency.


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